Everybody Out of the Pool

Today I found myself having lunch at an outdoor cafe at a resort hotel. The cafe overlooked the pool area on a hot, sunny, Florida day. I was at this hotel for work… for a conference. Many people were there on vacation. The mix of people varied a lot by age, size, weight, etc., but I’m pretty sure there weren’t any poor people there. Some of the staff, maybe, but not the swimmers and sun-tanners.

I was thinking of going for a swim myself, but when the opportunity for this business lunch came up, I decided that it was a better option. First, because I was there to work, and second, because there were a lot of people I know around, and if i’m going to show my body to a lot of people, I’d rather it be people I don’t know. That shred of dignity I have left is hanging by a thread as it is.

It’s not that I’m THAT heavy. I look skinny compared to some guys, but I’m certainly not what you’d call “trim.” A year without burgers and fries and soft drinks, and I’d look pretty good, but let’s be realistic!

So, since I sat in the shade waiting for my lunch guests to show up, I had the advantage of being fully clothed while I evaluated the people in the pool area.

You can take this any way you want, but there were some beautiful bodies out there. The kind that make it hard not to stare. There were some normal, average bodies, some scary-thin bodies, and some… more than some… wide-bodies.

Now, I believe that how a person wants to live is her or his own business. And, anybody who wants to swim in a swimming pool sure has the right to do that. And, if you’re a guy who is 75 pounds overweight, and you want to wear that Speedo® suit, go ahead. If you’re a woman equally overweight and you want to wear a bikini, go for it. But if you do, know that there are people like me who wonder why.

At one point five very pretty, shapely, and scantily clad 18 year old girls walked past. At that point, I sighed, sipped my iced tea, and decided to look at the kids having a Hula-Hoop® competition at the kid’s pool. Somehow, I felt a lot less creepy cheering for the little girl with three hula-hoops going at once than failing to avert my gaze from the 18 year olds.

Of course, 18 year olds wear bikinis because they want people to look. Not old people like me, but unless they provide old-guy blinders, it’s pretty hard not to at least glance at them. I’m not proud of it, but there you go.

The little girl in the red and blue suit won the Hula-Hoop® contest, and soon my clients came to the table, and I minded my own business… literally. I wondered if maybe I should have gone for a swim and said to heck with what anybody thinks. Maybe next time I will. And maybe some 70 year old will find herself looking at me.


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