Election Fever is Sickening

I may have had baseball fever last spring.  I did feel a little warm. There is a chance that I once had the rock and roll fever and the boogie-wookie flu.  I’m not sure.  I’ve been love sick.  Now, I think I have election fever, and I’m quite sick to my stomach with it.

Considering that one of the presidential candidates has enough money to buy a TV network, I’m sure most people will be sick of him and his ubiquitous campaign ads come election day… at least those of us in battleground states.  That doesn’t mean people won’t vote for him… it will be pretty much beaten into them by that point.

The other campaign, meanwhile, seems to be going down some dead-end streets.  While it’s true that who someone associates with means something, it means less than their voting records or things they’ve said.  And, since the mainstream press has made no secret about the tingle running up their legs regarding one of the candidates, no serious investigation will be conducted about voting records, associations, or anything else.

You hear sometimes about people who have suffered so much that they just want to fall asleep and not wake up.  I don’t feel like that.  However, I wouldn’t mind falling asleep and not waking up until, say, November 10th.  That’ll give six days for legal challenges and pundit mania to subside.

I actually like politics.  And, this election shows two pretty different ideologies, though not as different as many Republicans would have preferred.

I’ve always felt that conservatives and liberals both want the best for people, for our country, and for the world.  They just disagree on how that should happen.  One group wants individual initiative and a free marketplace to be the key to progress, and the other wants the smart people to organize things in a fair way, so that the less motivated can share in what the more motivated have earned — often through the efforts of the less motivated.

Both approaches are imperfect, and both can be called unfair.  And, in the 15 days before the election, both candidates will be called unfair, mean spirited, liars, and a few dozen other adjectives.  Then, anyone who hasn’t decided, or voted early, must go into the voting booth and remember how horrible each candidate is, and then pick one.  That’s not a very positive exercise in democracy.

I like the parliamentary model, where an election is called, and THEN the campaigning begins, and lasts for a few months, and not a few years.

I heard that a baby was born last week, and her parents started a campaign fund for the  2052 election.  Actually, I just made that up, but maybe it’s not that much of an exaggeration.


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