Stormy Night Letter

Dear Family,

Interesting night.  Huge storm came over Dane County.  We didn’t get the worst of it.  Tennis ball size hail hit a lot of areas.  We went to the neighbor’s house to ride out the storm.  Power went out just as we hit their basement, after a huge wind gust came through.  I don’t know what the speed of the wind was, but they were talking about 60-80 MPH winds in the county.

After things subsided, we headed for home, which wasn’t easy since the big tree on the corner of our yard lost two big branches, (a spruce tree lost its top also) and took down the electrical wires.  We tried to go around the block to get home, but other roads were blocked too.  We finally made it home going through Rockdale, but had to park the car across the street and walk along the corn field, around the horse’s pasture, and through the sheep shed to avoid the down wires.

As we were in the sheep shed, I was surprised to see that the sheep were looking at us from outside their enclosure.  They had been in the yard and garden, enjoying broccoli, cabbage, and some other delicacies.  History repeats itself — as you’ll recall, they got out two years ago and ate and stomped on a lot.

A number of large branches had blown off the tree behind the gray shed (no, I’m sorry.  I mean the grey shed) and one of them took out a big chunk of the fence between the sheep and the garden.  Further inspection (once the sheep were put into the big pasture) showed that one of the hay wagons had been flipped up on its side, and both hay bunks had been destroyed.  Several big branches were in the vegetable and flower gardens, one of them at least 30 yards from the tree it came from.

Numerous large branches were in the horse’s area, but she didn’t’ seem to be hurt at all.

The only damage to the house was a piece of fascia that appears to have been hit by something, and peeled back.

Due to the blocked road and downed wires, there was a Dane County cop car at the top of the hill until the power company guys showed up.  It’s odd to hear chain saws at 3:30am.  The power came back on around 5am, I think.  Mom got up to watch the action in the middle of the night, and was outside by 4am.  I was not.

All in all, a stressful night, made better by being with neighbors.  Have you ever been so tired that you could feel your cells crying?  I’m about there.

But, nobody was hurt, and the damage was very minimal by comparison to what many have experienced this year in Joplin, Tuscaloosa, and other places.  It makes you think.  Sometimes good luck comes to us in disguise.

Love, Dad


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