Some Observations

From time to time there are topics that don’t warrant a full column, but deserve a passing comment. When I say passing comment, I’m not talking about Peyton Manning or Russell Wilson, though they deserve one as well.

It is a real hardship that Liquid Propane prices have gone up so far, and supplies have gone down. The two are related, of course. And, as expected, some in Congress are calling for investigations. In my view, investigating supply and demand is like investigating gravity, but that’s just me.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has suggested that the United States Postal Service get into the banking business. Really. What could possibly go wrong?

In Germany, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party said that if it is banned, it will simply change its name. That is a good example of not getting the hint that you’re not wanted.

A Nebraska man was arrested for suspicion of DUI recently. Oh, by the way; there were 100 chickens in the SUV, including 50 that were dead. I’m sure there’s a good explanation.

From the Phoenix CBS affiliate: “One of the elite athletes who crossed the finish line in the grueling Ironman Arizona last November is 49-year-old Audrey Glemba. She’s a medically-retired police officer who collects a worker’s compensation check every month for an injury she said prevented her from doing her job.” I don’t know the whole story, but it doesn’t sound good.

If Supreme Court Justice Sotomayer is correct that calling “illegals” criminals is insulting, does it then follow that to suggest that criminals have done something illegal is also insulting? “Illegal” and “criminal” are two words that are related, no matter how much one might want them not to be. I feel for people who came here for a better life, but also for those who have followed the rules of immigration law, and as a result are still standing in line to get in.

Mary Barra, the new CEO of General Motors is being paid less than half than the man she replaced. Yes, it’s still millions of dollars, but if she’s equally qualified, why the big pay cut? Oh, and the Whitehouse’s female staff averaged 18% less in pay than male staff according to an annual report from the administration.

After sharing more than a bottle of whiskey during a Super Bowl party, two brothers had a big loving hug, threw up on each other’s faces, and then had a brawl, resulting in one of the brothers having part of his ear bitten off. Super!

And, to cap things off, Russia plans to kill as many of the thousands of stray dogs as possible in Sochi, because they don’t want to be embarrassed if one runs into the festivities. It is said to be common practice to kill stray dogs in Russia. Sochi has been hiring a pest control company to do the job for years. Nice.

Oh, one more thing. A pediatrician in Delaware is standing trial for waterboarding the 12 year-old daughter of his girlfriend. Spare the faucet, spoil the child, I guess.

It’s a crazy world, if you hadn’t noticed. Lots of things happen that don’t make any sense at all. It makes reality TV seem unnecessary, doesn’t it?


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