The things going on in the Middle East these days are of great concern to the people who live in that region – particularly people who are not of the Muslim faith, or the particular sect of Islam that the people with the most guns happen to have in that region on that day.

It is comforting to know that the only ones of us who will be impacted by those goings-on are people in the military. And, perhaps there will be some changes in gas prices and such.

We may be missing something. The people who are in charge of ISIS and Al Qaeda and their companion Islamic extremist organizations have a long-range plan that includes, well, everyone. They would like you and me to be Muslims, and for all of us to be governed under Sharia law in a world-wide Caliphate – an Islamic government.

That seems pretty far-fetched, of course. That’s probably what the Europeans thought during the surge of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th and 17th centuries. Parts of Europe, up to Constantinople, were swallowed up by those Muslims, who originated in Turkey.

Now, you might say that Christians did their share of empire building too, what with the Crusades and all, and that can’t be denied. And, the Spanish Inquisition was pretty extremist too. Just as all Christians then and now aren’t extreme, not all Muslims then and now are bent on converting everyone and killing those who won’t convert.

A big problem now is that of the 35,000 or so ISIS soldiers, many have US or European passports, meaning they can travel there and here with relative ease. And, there are numerous reports of ISIS members crossing the Mexican border. An investigative journalist even dressed up as an ISIS soldier and crossed the Canadian border into the US.

So, when the ISIS people make threats against the United States, they aren’t just flapping their lips. September 11th having just passed, I think we need to remember that those folks really do hate us.

I’m not saying you need to lock your doors at night, though that’s good advice anyway, or hide the Bibles. I am saying that just because something is far away doesn’t mean it doesn’t have anything to do with me and you. There are some great books out on the history of conflict in the Middle East, and it might pay to look them up. It has proven to be a big mistake to assume something horrible could never happen here.


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