The Web People

The new world that the internet hath wrought (pretty fancy words, eh?) has provided us with a number of happenstances that we just take for granted, even though they are a little odd.

For example, we click on “icons.”  Icons, in the pre-internet era, were sacred religious paintings.  I’m not sure the Facebook “F” is sacred.

However, what has recently struck me is the sites that are named after people.  Craig’s List is apparently a list that Craig put together of things people wanted to buy and sell or give away.  One of those things is sex, it turns out, but all in all Craig has a nice list.

Angie also has a list.  It is a list of service providers that Angie likes.  I’m not sure how Angie got to know a plumber in Deerfield, but lots of people like to take her advice.

Emily has a list of donors to Progressive causes.  She may have a Conservative yin to her yang, but I don’t know what her or his name is.

Recently a nice girl named Ashley has come into the headlines.  Ashley Madison has a website that is committed to breaking commitments.  It is a place where people can go to have affairs with other people who want to have affairs.

Now, within the realm of having affairs, there is some small honor in doing it with someone else who is going into it with their eyes wide open.  No need to take off the wedding rings.

For some reason I got in their marketing sights, (the site’s sights) and was receiving three or four emails a day, encouraging me to have an affair.  One of their emails said, “Life is short: have an affair.”

As compelling as their invitations were, I filtered them out of my emails, which would have been good advice for the millions of people who actually signed up, only to have their email addresses hacked and exposed.

I’m guessing that three-quarters of those people who were busted are men – just a guess.  I’m also guessing that those men are really hoping their wives are not internet savvy enough to find that list.

We all kind of feel like the internet is safe, because it’s just us at the keyboard, and we DID have to use a password.  It turns out that anything we do on the computer might be on the front page of the New York Times tomorrow.

Not everyone is smart enough to wipe their hard drives clean or destroy hard drives, so perhaps the best advice is to not engage in internet behavior unless you’re fine with everyone knowing about it.

By the way, Ashley, Emily, Craig, and Angie asked me to say hi.


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