Inconvenient Things

Former Vice President Al Gore has made quite a career out of his contention that man-made climate change is an “Inconvenient Truth.”  His truth was inconvenient because he feels it is necessary to change our economy and our way of life to prevent the destruction of the habitability of earth.

There is some evidence to support his claims, as there is some evidence recently put forth that we’re about to enter an ice age due to sun activity.  So, the “inconvenient” part is real, and the “truth” part will be determined by historians.

I saw that Vice President Gore was convening a climate summit at the Eiffel Tower when the horrible murders took place in Paris over the weekend.  That made me think about other inconvenient truths that some look away from because they are, well, inconvenient.

France has had a long history of opening its arms to immigrants, and many of them have been Muslims.  I have read in the past that there are sections of Paris into which the French police will not venture because of the dangers of Islamic youth who do not accept French law.  I’m sure the great majority of Muslim immigrants in those neighborhoods fear those gangs more than the police, but feel powerless to do anything about them.

In recent months, France, and other countries, have taken in many more immigrants from the Middle East, and it appears that the fear that some militants would come in with the truly threatened Muslims has been realized.  Western Europe and the United States have humanely offered help, and put ourselves at risk because of it.

I think that is an inconvenient truth.

A pundit claimed, during the “Arab Spring” that radical Islam was seeking a world-wide Caliphate, which is an over-arching government that rules by Islamic Sharia law.  That law takes many rights from women, and makes being a non-Muslim very uncomfortable, if not fatal.

That pundit and others were laughed at because the idea seemed so extreme and paranoid.  Now the Middle-East has a growing Caliphate, and with large voting blocks in a number of European countries, it’s not impossible that radical Islamists might grow their political power towards that end.

Another inconvenient truth.

France has now closed its borders, and sworn to deal with their enemy.  Our borders are not closed, nor will they be for a very long time, if ever.  I hope that doesn’t mean that we’re subject to the same sorts of attacks as the French were.  The historians will have to report on that as well.


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