False Comparisons

The internet is a rich tableau of interesting ideas, expressed by people with many views, and all in all that’s a good thing.  Now and then, something is said that, on the face of it, seems right, but upon further review, as the referees say, is really less than right.

Something was posted on Facebook the other day that struck me that way.  It was a comparison of Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler.  No kidding.

The basis of the comparison was that Hitler promoted fear and hatred of Jews, while Trump, it said, promotes fear and hatred of Muslims.

Now, I’m no expert in German history, but I’m pretty sure that Germany had not been experiencing terroristic threats and attacks domestically or to its worldwide interests by Jewish groups prior to World War Two.

I don’t believe Germany was experiencing a mass resettlement of poorly vetted Jewish refugees from a war-torn area where thousands of blank passports were known to have been stolen, and where authorities admitted to having no idea who the good and bad guys were.

Jews were demonized as being the reason for Germany’s financial problems, and said to be an evil and inferior race, not a military or physical threat to Germans.  For their part, I think Jews mostly wanted to be left alone.

Most modern day Muslims also want to be left alone, a point to which I think Mr. Trump would agree.  But, even three percent of a billion people wanting to kill or enslave all of us infidels is problematic.

I’m not a fan of Donald Trump for president, and I think he pretty consistently overstates his points and lacks any detectable finesse.  But I think it’s pretty irresponsible to compare him to Adolph Hitler.  That would be like comparing Franklin Roosevelt to Hitler because they both put people in camps during World War Two.

There is a balance between acting humanely and acting in our national interest, and I fear we have not honored the later obligation.  Time will tell.  Unfortunately, people who believe in Jihad are more committed to their values than we are to our values of compassion and kindness to those in need, even when they are the recipients.


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