It Takes All Kinds…

My father had about a dozen phrases that he used often, to the point that it was easy not to hear them anymore.  One of those phrases is, “It takes all kinds to make a world.”

I don’t think my dad knew he was quoting Miguel de Cervantes’ 1615 story “Don Quixote.”  Translated from Spanish, Miguel wrote, “In the world there must surely be of all sorts.”

The modern world of social media proves Miguel and my dad’s point.  Take Facebook.  Please.  Some kinds of people are open to “friending” anyone, while others are more private.  Some people post things every day, and others nearly never.  Some people have photos mostly of themselves, while others focus on pictures of friends, family, and scenic views.

Tinder is an app that isn’t about dating so much as “hooking-up.”  A rise in STD’s has been associated with that app.  Not every kind of person would find Tinder to be appealing.

Snapchat allows people to send photographs that instantly disappear – except that they don’t.  (Snapchat was taken to court over that.)  The appeal, to some kinds of people, was to send a photo of naked body parts to someone else, without the risk if it “going viral.”

For other kinds, that isn’t an issue, so all sorts of pictures of body parts are sent via cell phones, and then, (despite pleas to “not share them with anyone!”) shared with everyone.

The “Tweeter in Chief” has made Twitter front and center in the news.  I have been told that Twitter has many valid uses, and I’m sure it does.  It also allows various kinds of people a vehicle to weigh in on everything, whether they know anything about the topic or not.

With Twitter, and also any blog or web site that accepts reader comments, the kinds of people who are hateful and hurtful and horrible can comment to their hearts’ delight – without having the courage to use their names.  Letters to the editor in newspapers aren’t tolerated if they use such language.

So, there you have it.  All kinds of people, exposed (literally or figuratively) by how they use social media.  Most people are the kinds that are caring, reasonable, and appropriate.  Somehow, though, those other kinds of people stand out.

The final kind of people that help us make a world are those who have no interest in social media, and instead value their privacy and the odd sensation that comes from talking with people directly.

I guess it really does take all kinds to make a world.


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