I Succumbed

The garden seeds have been in some of the stores now for two or three weeks, and after slowing down to look numerous times, last Saturday I succumbed to the temptation and bought some.

Maybe it was the warm, snow-less days that we had, but something in my brain told me that gardening season is just around the corner.  I guess that’s true, if the corner you’re talking about takes several months to go around.             

I only got four packets, so that’s not too bad.  Given my past experiences, I may well misplace them before it’s time to plant, but even if that happens, it will have been worth the expense if only for the little shot of optimism they delivered.

In some ways this is the best time of the gardening season.  Everything is hypothetical, with no real work to do, bugs to swat, or weeds to curse.  Now a person can plan.  This variety will go there, and that variety over there.  In the end it never quite works out that way, and despite the best of intentions, I’m usually not sure what got planted where. 

It’s funny, but I think I prefer planting and growing the food more than I enjoy harvesting it.  Yes, there is satisfaction in growing our own food, but my real joy comes from working up the soil, planting the seeds, and seeing the little green shoots come up through the black soil. 

The same thing is true of the farm fields all around us.  Every year when the crops come up out of the soil it’s like another miracle has happened.  By August the romance has worn off.

Every summer I’m grateful that gardening is a hobby, and not something we depend on for income or for our subsistence.  It’s annoying of animals get into the corn, but it’s not a make-or-break situation.

When she was a child during the depression, my mother and her family gardened like their lives depended on it.  Not only did they need the food, but they could sell some for other needs.  She told of grating horseradish roots until their hands bled so that could sell it in town.  I’m sure there are people in that same situation today.

Anyway, I’ve got some seeds now, and soon I’ll be getting out the graph paper and making my plans.  We may have half a dozen blizzards between now and when those seeds actually go in the ground, but I’ll be ready!



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