I Perendinate

The folks at www.historyhustle.com have released a list of words from the past which might well have some value in our present day.  I cannot vouch for the words being legitimate, but real or made-up, they are fun.

To perendinate is defined as “putting off until the day after tomorrow.”  That’s for people who feel pressured by the idea of putting things off until the very next day.

Cacothes is “the irresistible urge to do something inadvisable.”  The one extra shot of brandy, the wink at the pretty girl, or the early morning Tweet are all examples.

Frobly-mobly means “neither well, nor unwell.”  How are you?  “Meh.”

Callipygian is, sadly, the only one of these words I had heard before.  It means, “having beautiful, well-shaped buttocks.”  So, I am certainly callipygian.  Or not.

Ultracrepidarian is most needed in our modern parlance.  It means, “someone who gives opinions on subjects they know nothing about.” 

A snollygoster is “a shrewd, unprincipled person – especially a politician.”  So, there really is nothing new under the sun.

Someone who is philogrobilized is “someone who has a hangover without admitting to actual drinking.”

I may not be callipygian, but I am certainly a slugabed, meaning someone who “stays in bed past the usual or proper time to get up.”  But, it’s so warm and comfortable!  Interestingly, there’s another word that applies: dysania means “extreme difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.”

Uhtceare means “lying awake and worrying about the day ahead.”  I think I’d worry more about how to pronounce it.

Kakistocracy is “government by the least qualified or worst people.”  At any given time over my life there are large numbers of people who believe that that is the situation.

Shivviness denotes the “uncomfortable feeling of wearing new underwear.” 

Every dog I’ve ever known is a grote: “Someone who stares at you while you eat.”

Over my career I’ve known a number of fudgels, in other words, “people who pretend to work while actually doing nothing.”  That’s what Facebook is for, right?

There are more words, and probably hundreds beyond the list HistoryHustle shared.  Someday people will look back on our current vocabulary with the same sort of wonder we have about these words. 

My first candidate for a word that will be looked at with confusion: “Nothing burger.” 


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