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Party Time

There was quite a party at our place one night last week.  We weren’t invited, but judging from the clean-up the next day, the guests had a wonderful time.  In fact, they partied until after dawn.

The guests who enjoyed themselves so much were sheep – a dozen or so mothers and 20 or so lambs.  They escaped from their pasture sometime during that night, and helped themselves to what they wanted in the garden, frolicked on a pile of wood chips, at grass along the side of the road, and pooped all over the place. 

We learned some interesting things from the great escape.  First, we learned that sheep don’t seem to like potatoes, since they weren’t touched.  They do like peas, cabbage, and foot-high sweet corn, among other things. 

The hero of our story is our neighbor, Donna, who leaves for work very early in the morning, and noticed some sheep near the road, and after pulling into our driveway, saw that they were everywhere in the yard and garden.  Since she helps with chores sometimes when we’re gone, she knew where to find a bucket into which she put a little shell corn.  Using that, she was like the pied piper as she led them back into their pasture.  She then tied the gate shut and went off to work.

So, when we woke up that morning, the sheep were where they were supposed to be, but the damage they had caused was apparent.

It’s discouraging when the garden looks so nice, and literally overnight it because a war zone of munched down plants and a thousand hoof prints.  After a few days of rain, we set to work to replace what was missing, and generally get things straightened out.

All in all, the sheep party could have been a lot worse.  None of them were hit by a car, which would have been bad for both the car and the sheep.  Everything they ruined has been replaced, and it’s early enough in the summer that the seeds we planted will have plenty of time to grow into vegetables that humans can eat.

As for the sheep, while they have a pretty good life at our place, with plenty of lush pasture to enjoy all spring summer and fall, and a warm, dry place to go in the winter, it is nice that they had a little fling.  Everybody needs to blow off some steam now and then, or in the case of sheep, once in a while they need to poop in the yard and eat cabbage plants.


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Winding Down

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