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The Thanksgiving holiday is a wonderful concept.  Taking a day to be thankful for everything we have – our families, friends, homes, smart phones – is nice gateway to the holiday season.  That being said, there are both outstanding and less-outstanding elements to Thanksgiving time.

On the positive side of the ledger I think gratitude is something we don’t think about as often as we should.  Or at least, that applies to me.  To focus on all the gifts we have is important.  And, people who don’t have very much are sometimes the most grateful, which gives me pause.

On the negative side, after a day of gratitude, perhaps realizing that we have everything we need with home and family, many rush out to the stores to buy more stuff.  Don’t get me wrong: giving gifts is a wonderful, selfless thing to do.  I guess it is the rapid nature of the turn-around from warm thankfulness to manic shopping that gets me.

I like football and eating turkey.  The problem is that on Thanksgiving there is way too much of both.  Of course I don’t have to eat too much, and I don’t have to watch all the games, but, well, you know.

I hate parades on television.  I appreciate all the preparation that goes into them, and I’m glad for the young people who march in the bands, but I honestly don’t know what could be more tedious.  And that’s coming from someone who watches baseball and NASCAR.

My least favorite part of parades is the commentators who have nothing to say, and yet talk continually for hours on end.

The warmth of family getting together is really nice.  Unfortunately, the Saturday Evening Post covers over the years have painted a picture of domestic perfection, which puts a lot of pressure on the cooks and family members.  That pressure results, more often than not, from hurt feelings or, in the worst cases, a fistfight.  Alcohol contributes to these issues.

I truly hope that your Thanksgiving is perfect, or that your expectations are in line with reality.  I mostly do like the holiday for the same corny reasons a lot of people do.  It is nice to have family all together, even though that’s not always possible.

Oh, and be careful not to burn your house down with the turkey fryer.


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