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Shopping Days

I’ve never liked the name Black Friday.  It sounds ominous, like a day the stock market crashed.  In fact, when I think of Black Friday, I think of Good Friday, ironically, since at the time it didn’t seem very good to those involved.

In recent years we’ve added Small Business Saturday following Black Friday.  I like that idea, because it encourages people to buy from their friends and neighbors who own local businesses.  I didn’t shop on Small Business Saturday this year, but I plan to make some purchases in town before Christmas.

We just passed Cyber Monday, which is a time when people get especially good deals online.  I didn’t buy anything, mostly because the things that were on sale weren’t things I wanted, and I haven’t gotten around to thinking about what to get for other people at this point in the season.

There is also Giving Tuesday, when people are encouraged to support the non-profits they find worthwhile.  That’s a good idea.

That leaves Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday surrounding Thanksgiving as unnamed days.  Not surprisingly, I have some suggestions.

Barter Tuesday: People are encouraged to take stuff they have, but don’t want, and trade it for things they want, but don’t have.  I envision a flea market atmosphere at every county fairground with cars, bikes furniture, jigsaw puzzles and anything you can imagine trading hands.

Ironic Thursday: This would take place on Thanksgiving, as people run out to buy more things to be thankful for, after having just said how thankful they are for everything they already have.

Shoplifting Sunday: This would be a fun shopping day.  People would be encouraged to try to take things out of stores without paying, and stores would have triple security.  It would be like a reality show in real life.  Paddy wagons would be parked at all major retailers waiting to escort the losing contestants to a free night of lodging, if you know what I mean.

I have other ideas, like putting our presents in briefcases and distributing them in a “Deal or No Deal” manner.  You can settle for the Barbie, or hold out for the 70” television, knowing you might end up with a neck tie.

I hope, no matter how you go about it that you give and receive warmth and love along with whatever other gifts there might be during this giving season.


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(From the week before Thanksgiving)

I hear we’re having Thanksgiving next week. That’s nice. One day to be thankful for a few minutes between football and gluttony… and then football again.

I’m being overly cynical. I think a lot of people are thankful every day, realizing what a gift life is, and for those with families and homes and jobs… well, there is very much for which to give thanks.

A lot of the time the thanks we feel is hiding back in our minds. When we see someone who is struggling, or see an article about many of the world hotspots where innocent people fear for their lives – or lose their lives, or their families.

We don’t even need to look that far. A neighbor having troubles reminds us at some level that our situation is much better, and that generates a vague sense of gratitude. We would never wish trouble on them, and in fact, sometimes we feel like we should take the trouble from them out of fairness.

I think it’s important to say out loud to someone how grateful we are with what we have in life. Some people do that in prayer, while others express their thanks sincerely. I think it’s important that we speak about our good fortune to our family members so they too can think about how fortunate they are. It’s too easy to focus on the things that are far from perfect, and complain about them. Easy and reasonable, really.

But to save up many thanks for much good fortune is a hedge against bad things that happen, because they remind us that despite a current bad time, there has been much to be thankful for, and probably will be again.

Thanksgiving Day around our country probably has many expressions of gratitude in many homes. Thousands of people help the homeless and home bound on that day as a means of giving thanks in a tangible way.

The holiday season is very commercialized, but at the same time it provides us with sufficient opportunities to contemplate, give thanks, and consider what we might better do to show that thanks on behalf of people who are less fortunate.

One simple thought: at your Thanksgiving gathering pass a Pilgrim’s hat and take up a cash collection for the food pantry. Even a few dollars from dozens of families would make a difference.

Or, just enjoy your family, and make good memories for which everyone will be greatly grateful years from now.


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